About us

„Jajce Adventure“ is the first tourist agency in Jajce, registered on May 25th 2017. We organize daily and multi days tours of cultural and adventures kind. Our goal is to offer you unforgettable stay in our town – “Museum under the open sky”

The agency owner worked for the last 6 years in touristic project “Visit Jajce” on recognizing and development of potentials and creating and organizing touristic visits. The owner, Aida Klapuh made an effort to involve young people and volunteers in tourism with purpose of their employment.

She contributed to the organizing cultural and social events: New Year’s eve programs, remembrance on the crowning of the last Bosnian king etc.

Her touristic efforts, she continued in after she founded the first touristic agency in Jajce. Strategic goals of the newly founded agency are to enriching touristic offer and to enable employment young people in tourism.   

 Aida Klapuh, manager   Sabra Klapuh, assistent in promotion    Žan Anđić, web administrator
Adnan Zulum, bookkeeper   Goran Crnogorac, project manager     


They was part of our development

 Antea Ljubez