About Jajce

Jajce - With 29 national monuments we can say for sure „Museum under the open sky“. It is adorned with beautiful landscape and rich past whose traces we can see today in old core of the town. Rivers Pliva and Vrbas are united by a beautiful waterfall, the only one in the world that is located in the center of the town.


Pliva lakes

Natural Pliva lakes are located just 4km outside of the city center. They are a part of beautiful, natural environment. There are many sports and recreational  opportunities in this area.


Watermills on the Pliva lake

The medieval watermills (mlinčići) are located on travertine barrier between the Great and Small Pliva lake. Earlier, on Đurđevdan (fiest of st. George) girls gathered the morning dew of the watermills to wash their face.


The Mitras themple of Jajce

The Mitras themple of Jajce is one of the oldest and the most valuable monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was built by Roman soldiers at the beginning of the fourth century. 

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The Catacombs

The Catacombs are medieval underground church and crypt built by Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvatinić. Nobles from family Hrvatinić were one of the most influential in the Middle Ages.


St. Mary Church with St. Luke's Bell Tower / Fatih Mosque

The last Bosnian king, Stjepan Tomašević, was crowned in this church by delegates of Pope Pius II. After the fall of the Bosnian kingdom  in 1463., this church was converted into a mosque.


The Fortress

The fortress of Jajce was one of the safest medieval fortresses. With the fall of Jajce kingdom entry to Western Europe for Ottomans  was guaranteed.

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The AVNOJ Museum

Here, on November 29th 1943., was held the second session of the Antifascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia. On that day, in Jajce was formed committee of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.